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Fundraise for OnebyOne

Tandem Skydive

Want to fundraise for OnebyOne?

Image by Tony Pham
Women on the Climbing Wall

When you fundraise for OnebyOne you get to be a part of something extraordinary.  You get to fundraise for:


  • The education of boys and young men in Uganda, through our Future Fund partner: Abaana Ministries

  • The support and rehabilitation of those caught in the criminal justice system in the UK, through our Liberty Fund Partner: Bringing Hope

  • The rebuilding of schools and communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, through our Future Fund partner: Justice Rising. 

  • The provision of relief to people affected by disaster through our Emergency Fund.


Every time someone sponsors your  fundraising efforts, the impact of their gift is multiplied across multiple NGOs having a meaningful and long term impact in the communities they work with.

If you’re planning a fundraising event over the next 12 months, we would love to hear about it! Let us know what you are up to by emailing us today.

Download our fundraising pack below!


It includes:

  • A fundraising sheet

  • Information pack for friends and family

  • T-shirt design (so you can proudly represent OnebyOne as you fundraise)

  • Social media posts and posters to help you raise awareness!


Don't forget to use the hashtag #LFDE if you share your fundraising efforts on social media!

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