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Meet The Team


Meg Cooke


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After graduating from Cardiff University, Meg moved to Birmingham, UK where she trained and qualified as a lawyer.  Meg’s work largely involved representing survivors of abuse, working with local charities who were also supporting survivors and leading her firm's social responsibility efforts. In December 2020 Meg relocated to Cape Town, South Africa where she now leads OnexOne Funds.  Meg was actively involved in the leadership of her local Freedom Church location in Birmingham and continues to lead in Cape Town.  Meg is passionate about seeing the transformative power of generosity increase in communities all over the world through OnexOne.

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Kris Coppock

Chair of Trustees &

Funding Committee Member

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Kris is part of the leadership team of Freedom Church, and also works as a Philanthropy Manager for a microfinance NGO.  He returned to the UK in 2021, having spent much of the previous ten years living in Uganda and South Africa, leading church planting and community projects. After graduating with a degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics in 2005, Kris worked for New Philanthropy Capital, a charity and philanthropy consultancy. He has also worked in marketing and branding and as a Training Consultant. Between 2016 and 2020 he was a Non-Executive Director of a technology start-up.


Dionne Rowe

Trustee & Funding Committee Member

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Dionne is based in Cardiff, Wales, and has over 20 years of experience working with children and young people, many of whom have been extremely vulnerable and at risk of harm.  She began her career as a Youth Worker before spending 10 years working as a Learning Coach. She subsequently secured a role working for Women’s Aid as a Domestic Violence Children and Young People’s Co-ordinator and following this joined the Children’s Services Child Sexual Exploitation Team. Dionne is currently working as a Youth Practitioner.


Joan Kyalo

Funding Committee Member

Joan is qualified GP practising in East Africa.  She is originally from Uganda but now lives in Nairobi, Kenya.  She is activley involved in supporting her local church community and played a significant role in arranging and distributing food, medicine and other forms of assistance to those in her community affected by the Coronavirus pandemic .  

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Ryan Sallis

Trustee & Funding Committee Member

Ryan is an experienced teacher who has taught in high schools in England and Wales for nearly a decade. He is currently working as a pastoral leader in a school in Birmingham, UK. He is a trustee of Freedom Church UK and played a significant role as a member of the funding committee for Freedom Church's 'Everyone Matters Fund' which provided financial assistance to people impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.  



Rukshana Emmanuel

Funding Committee Member

After completing her degree in psychology, Rukshana worked as a teacher for 5 years, teaching psychology and ESL and was the Lead Coordinator for her school.  She has always been passionate about generosity, hospitality and service and has expressed this passion by playing an active role in her community and beyond. Alongside her husband and friends she pioneered a global campaign called 'Choose Life' to raise money to build water wells in Kenya.  Alongside her husband she now leads Freedom Church in Chennai, India, whilst looking after her two young sons.  


Scarlett Trotman
Fundraising and Communications Manager

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At age 18 Scarlett moved from the UK to spend a year in Kampala, Uganda, to work with local church planting and community projects.  She subsequently completed her Masters degree in International Relations and moved to Mombassa, Kenya. Here she used her degree and her skills in photography, communications and web design to support NGOs to amplify their impact. Scarlett returned to the UK in 2020 and is continuing to work with organisations creating meaningful change, all around the world. 

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