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#Frontline24 - providing families with goats in Sudan

Goats in the sand dunes in Sudan
Providing families with goats in Sudan

In the midst of ongoing conflicts around the world, some areas have sadly slipped out of the headlines. This month, we stand with those in need by supporting small charities working tirelessly to aid those affected by enduring conflicts.

We are proud to announce our contribution to KidsforKids. Since the conflict in Sudan erupted in April 2023, thousands of individuals have lost their lives and more people have been displaced in Sudan than in the rest of the world combined. The United Nations (UN) describes the situation in Darfur as the ‘worst, most cruel humanitarian catastrophe in the world today'. 

We’ve already made grants in the past to Kids for Kids. They provide ‘goat loans’ to the financially poorest families in Sudan. Goats provide protein-rich milk to malnourished children, and as flocks grow, some of the goats can be sold to generate an income. KidsforKids goats are a lifeline, and they are saving children’s lives, now especially, in the midst of the conflict. Sadly, with the ongoing fighting, veterinary care has collapsed, and goats are dying at a rapid rate due to untreated infections. Urgent funding is needed to supply veterinary care to the KidsforKids' trained Paravets in the 110 adopted villages in North Darfur so they can save the lives of their goats. 

“The situation is extremely concerning”, states Patricia Parker OBE, Founder of KidsforKids, "I am getting daily reports of an increase in goat deaths due to infections, and our ability to treat these animals is severely limited due to the conflict. There are no vets outside the main towns, and even those are rare. Our paravets are crucial for animals - and the health of the animals is closely linked to the health of the children. We need your help now more than ever." 

OnebyOne Funds is making a grant of £1,000 to KidsforKids to support their efforts in providing more families with goats, and to help them provide veterinary care. Thank you for your continued support, as together with KidsforKids, we’re providing crucial assistance to families and communities in Sudan.

If you would like to read more about the continuing conflict in Sudan, please give this video a watch, but please note that it contains themes and scenes some might find upsetting. 

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