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Transforming Lives: T's Journey from Struggle to Success with Bringing Hope

One of our Liberty Partners is Bringing Hope, and we wanted to share a story of impact with you today. Bringing Hope(BH) is a charity who demonstrates profound love and hope for those it assists. Through initiatives that provoke, inspire, strengthen, and uphold individuals and families, they guide them toward meaningful transformation and positive change.

From Struggle to Success with Bringing Hope
From Struggle to Success with Bringing Hope

T's story is just one example of the impact Bringing Hope is having in their community. 

From Struggle to Success with Bringing Hope.

T was referred to Bringing Hope because he was absconding from school, making poor choices and vulnerable to exploitation by criminal gangs. Bringing Hope did what they always do: build relationship and speak life and hope into T. Over a number of months they built a trusted relationship with T, addressed his poor decision making, promoted employment and education, assisted with family mediation and healing from previous traumatic experiences. 

Bringing Hope’s efforts have led to great progress. After supporting T through the process of almost getting expelled from school, his interest in construction and motorbikes surfaced. Bringing Hope explored options for college and has subsequently applied for a number of construction courses and mechanical apprenticeships.  T also engaged with Bringing Hope’s ‘pic n mix’ programme which is a programme designed to enhance employable skills and personal growth. 

There is a journey ahead for T, but because of Bringing Hope’s intervention, he is making positive decisions, engaging in purposeful work and crucially, avoiding further interactions with the criminal justice system. Bringing Hope is aiming to continue to upskill T, foster crime-free behaviour and encourage him to contribute to the community.  

Supporting the rehabilitation of offenders or those at risk of offending are crucial elements to seeing the reduction of violence and crime. Bringing Hope extends hope to those who many have written off as ‘too difficult’ or ‘too complex’. 

Through Bringing Hope, you get to impact lives like T, through generosity, one by one. We can’t thank you enough!

You can find out more about our liberty fund here:

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